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Welcome to the Houston Forensic Science Center Electronic Records Warehouse.
This is a beta site that will continue to expand and develop over time.  
This website is updated weekly.
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Folder: Archived SOPs and Manuals
CS-ITEMSTESTS issued 10-20-14-v1.pdf
CS-SOP issued 12-01-16.pdf
FAD-CS-TG-CODQUANT issued 07-21-14-v3.pdf
FAD-CS-TG-GOFTIR issued 09-01-15-v1.pdf
FAD-CS-TG-GOGCMS2 issued 07-21-14-v2.pdf
FAD-CS-TG-GOGCMS3 issued 07-21-14-v2.pdf
FAD-CS-TG-GOGCMS4 issued 07-21-14-v2.pdf
FAD-CS-TG-GOGCMS5 issued 07-21-14-v2.pdf
FAD-CS-TG-GOUV issued 10-20-14-v1.pdf
FAD-CS-TG-INSTRUM issued 05-02-14-v1.pdf
FAD-CS-TG-MARI issued 04-16-14-v1.pdf
FAD-CS-TG-PHISPOTS issued 04-16-14-v1.pdf
FAD-CS-TG-TESTIMONY issued 04-16-14-v1.pdf