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Welcome to the Houston Forensic Science Center Electronic Records Warehouse.
This is a beta site that will continue to expand and develop over time.  
This website is updated weekly.
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Folder: Archived SOPs and Manuals
Audio Analysis SOP5 eff 1-v1.11.16.pdf
Audio Video Administrative_Quality SOP1 eff 061616-v1.pdf
AV Training Manual eff 1-v1.11.16.pdf
DFL Approved Software for Examination 4-27-2016-v1.pdf
DFL Cable Aquisition Technical Procedure effective Dec-4-2015-v1.pdf
DFL Definitions and Abbreviations effective 4-18-2016-v1.pdf
DFL Evidence Handling effective 6-16-2016-v1.pdf
DFL Exigency Procedure effective Jan-25-2016-v1.pdf
DFL Hard Drive Removal Technical Procedure effective Dec-04-2015-v1.pdf
DFL Mobile Device Data Extraction Procedure effective Jan-25-2016-v1.pdf
DFL Physical and Logical Imaging Technical Procedure effective Feb-4-2016-v1.pdf
DFL Reporting Guidelines effective Oct-7-2015-v1.pdf
DFL Section Guidelines effective Oct-7-2015-v1.pdf
DFL Technical Procedure for F-SAN effective Dec-04-2015-v1.pdf
DFL Technical Procedure for Wiping Media effective Jan-25-2016-v1.pdf
DFL Validation, Performance Verification and QC Checks  4-27-2016-v1.pdf
DFL Write Protection of Media effective Dec-04-2015-v1.pdf
DVR Extraction SOP7 eff 4-v1.29.16.pdf
Examiner Trainee Training and Mentoring Checklist effective 03-09-2015-v1.pdf
FAD-FDL-TPM issued 02-v1.05.2015.pdf
Media Duplication_Format Conversion SOP3 eff 1-v1.11.16.pdf
Media File Analysis SOP2 eff 1-v1.11.16.pdf
Media Repair SOP4 eff 1-v1.11.16.pdf
Scene Response SOP8 eff 4-v1.28.16.pdf
Video_Image Enhancement SOP6 eff 1-v1.11.16.pdf