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Welcome to the Houston Forensic Science Center Electronic Records Warehouse.
This is a beta site that will continue to expand and develop over time.  
This website is updated weekly.
For case-specific information and for any questions, comments or feedback, please contact us at

Abbreviations_v1.0_eff.2015-05-18 to 2015-08-02.pdf
Analysis of Alcohol and Other Volatiles by HS-GC_v0.1_eff 2015-01-15 to 2015-05-18.pdf
Analysis of Alcohol and Other Volatiles by HS-GC_v0_eff.2014-02-01 to 2014-09-01.pdf
Analysis of Alcohol and Other Volatiles by HS-GC_v1.0_eff.2015-05-19 to 2015-08-02.pdf
Analytical Manual_v2.0_eff.2015-08-03 to 2015-10-28.pdf
Analytical Manual_v2.1_eff.2015-10-29 to 2016-03-15.pdf
Analytical Manual_v2.2_eff. 2016-03-16 to 2016-05-03.pdf
Analytical Manual_v2.3_eff.2016-05-04 to 2016-05-17.pdf
Analytical Manual_v2.4_eff.2016-05-18 to 2016-07-12.pdf
Analytical Manual_v2.5_eff.2016-07-13 to 2016-08-23.pdf
Analytical Manual_v2.6_eff. 2016-08-24 to 2017-01-22.pdf
Analytical Manual_v2.7_eff. 2017-01-23 to 2017-02-28.pdf
Analytical Manual_v2.8_Eff 2017-03-01 to 2017-05-15.pdf
Analytical Manual_v2.9_Eff 2017-05-16.pdf
Evidence Handling_v1.0_eff.2015-05-26 to 2015-08-02.pdf
Health and Safety Manual-HFSC_eff. 2014-07-25 to Present.pdf
Health and Safety Manual-Toxicology_v1.0_Eff. 2016-02-02 to 2016-06-28.pdf
Health and Safety Manual-Toxicology_v1.1_Eff. 2016-06-29 to Present.pdf
Memo_Accessioning Form Using Matrix Panel_2016-04-01.pdf
Memo_Alcohol Analysis Standards Records_2016-07-14.pdf
Memo_Balance Logs_2016-05-03.pdf
Memo_Case Record Related to Quality Tracking Number 2014-031_2016-08-12.pdf
Memo_Chart Recorders_2016-05-03.pdf
Memo_Clarification of Procedure for Inconsistent Subject Names on Evidence_eff.2015-08-11 to Present.pdf
Memo_Custody Inquiry of Cooler-2_2017-03-08.pdf
Memo_ELISA Preparation Logs_2016-05-18.pdf
Memo_ELISA Preparation Logs_2016-05-18_Updated 2017-05-16.pdf
Memo_ELISA Scope of Analysis_2017-06-23.pdf
Memo_Hamilton Pipette Maintenance Records_2016-08-08.pdf
Memo_Headspace-GC Maintenance Records_2016-09-09.pdf
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